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Background on the problem at the War Public Library

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May 12th, 2000

The War Public Library was destroyed by fire March 20. Three teenage boys have been charged with arson. The fire destroyed the building, and nearly all of the 40,000 item collection. The Library’s Gates computers were destroyed also. The WVU Libraries are donating 6 boxes of books and 3 computers to the War Public Library. 

John Cuthbert is delivering our gifts to the West Virginia Library Commission in Charleston, and from there the items will be sent to War. Donna Capelle Cook and Eleanor McDonald from the Cataloging Department, and Dennis Newborn from the Library Systems Office prepared the books and computers. Our library staff also have volunteered their time to assist in getting the War Public Library services restored. 

GOING TO WAR –Loading a car for last week’s trip to the War Public Library are, from foreground, Eleanor McDonald, John Cuthbert and Donna C. Cook.

Photo by Jim Davis — NIS

The library is in temporary quarters right now, so their volunteer day will come later. The books and computers we are donating will be used immediately in the temporary location. 

When I put the news out on the WVU Libraries’ internal listserv, our staff immediately wanted to help. The loss of a library is tragic. We’ll stay in touch and continue to offer our support to the War Public Library as they recover.

By Frances O’Brien, Dean, University Libraries

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