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Wise Library Addition Nears Completion

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October 19th, 2001

By Sara Bott
DA Staff Writer

The new addition to the Wise Library is nearing its completion. Penny Pugh, head of reference and government information services, said the addition should be completed by the first day of the Spring 2002 semester. She also added that this date depends on the construction and any delays that might occur.

library building photoPhoto by Ian Benson

The addition to Wise Library is nearing completion. The new section to the library is expected to open at the beginning of the spring semester.

“Any kind of major construction issue could push that date back,” Pugh said.

Pugh added that as of right now, the construction should be able to meet the target date.

“It is as close as they have been able to keep it,” Pugh said.

Carroll Wilkinson, head of access services and depository for Wise Library, said she thinks the deadline should be able to be met if things continue to go the way they are. She added that it also depends on if the furniture arrives when scheduled.

Once the new addition is opened, everything in the Wise library will be transferred into the new part.

“Everything that is in this building now, so all the books and journals, microfilms and government documents, everything, is moving into the new building,” Pugh said.

“The Physical Science Building is being closed and moved into our quarters,” Wilkinson added.

Wilkinson said that Colson Hall would also be integrated into the Wise Library. She added that students who are looking for films would come to the same place where they would come for books and journals. She said that this will be a big difference for students, and it will hopefully make things easier.

According to Pugh and Wilkinson, the new addition to the library will have lounge furniture, nice lighting and carpet. The view from the new addition extends to the river so students can enjoy the scenic view. Pugh added that there would also be lots of comfortable furniture.

According to Wilkinson, some of the staff from Colson Hall and Physical Science will be working in the new library addition once the move takes place, but there are no plans for additional staff.
She added that the stacks will only be on two floors once the new addition is completed.

She said that she isn’t worried about students having problems with it and thinks they will take to it. She also added that students who need to get to a floor that is not accessible through the new addition could take the walkway into the old building.

According to Pugh and Wilkinson, the new addition will have many features available to allow students to go off alone and not be disturbed. Wilkinson said there would be between 30 and 50 wireless laptops for checkout by students. Pugh added that there will also be more wired computers available for students to use.

Further, currently obstructed paths will be opening up soon. According to Pugh, once the new addition is completed, students won’t have to walk all the way down to University Avenue to enter White Hall.

“There will be one entrance and exit in the front of the library,” Pugh said.

Wilkinson added that there is a significant amount of yard space in front of the library and walkways will be added.

Pugh said that once the new addition is open and they begin the move into the building, the library would not close again. She said that there is a professional moving company coming in to move all of the books. Wilkinson added that she spoke with someone who worked with the company before and the person she spoke with said that they did a good job.

“The original projection for getting the collection moved was eight weeks,” Wilkinson said.

Students who want to know exactly what to expect with the Wise Library move can go to the Web site for the library and read available updates.

An “Open Letter to the WVU Community” can be read from the Web site. The letter describes the phases of the construction.

According to the letter, phase one will end with all of the materials from Wise being moved into the new building. Phase two starts with the renovation of the old Wise Library and phase three is when Wise Library renovations are completed and the entire complex is open. According to the letter, the entire complex is estimated to be completed in late fall of 2002. The construction project has a frequently asked question page about upcoming events with Wise Library.

For more information on the Wise Library and the construction, go to

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