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Fun Online Film Class for Fall 2006

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June 29th, 2006

Watch gangster, blaxploitation, western, and slasher films in the library.

The WVU Libraries are offering a new online course this fall called ULIB493: Film and Media Literacy. ULIB is a new designation for library courses. This is a fun and easy three credit course that students in many majors will enjoy. For example, students in Journalism, Communications, History, Theater, Art, English, Education, Liberal Arts, Multidisciplinary Studies, Sociology, and anyone who likes movies will increase their knowledge of film and film criticism by participating in this class. This course is taught online and students will watch films online and on Reserve in the Media Services Department of the Downtown Library, so they can do the work for the course at any time during the week.

Students will learn about media literacy and become informed film consumers in this course. They will learn film vocabulary and criticism, and how to use two online databases to find comprehensive film information. Students will study four film genres, Gangster films, Blaxploitation films, Westerns, and Slasher films. The final project is a film review of a movie they select from their genre of choice. To learn more about the course, visit the web page at:

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