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WVU Library installs self-checkout system to ease the strain of manual checkout

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
August 22nd, 2006

The Daily Athenaeum, August 22, 2006

The Downtown and Evansdale libraries have recently installed a new checkout system that will enable students to get their books in a timelier manner.

The new system, called 3M’s SelfCheck, is very similar to what students run across when doing a self-check out at the grocery store.

Senior chemistry major Emily Perteete attempts to use the new self-check out counter at the downtown library, but has problems with the scanner. According to librarians, not all books have barcodes placed on them properly and oversized books will not work at the new station.

“The system only checks out books, not journals. There are also a small percentage of items where the barcode is not in the right place, and in that case, we will take care of you at the desk,” says Mary Strife, director of the Evansdale Library and circulation policy committee chair.

Students are prompted to touch the screen, and then they are guided through animated instructions on how to check out their book.

After touching the screen, the students are prompted to swipe their WVU ID card and to put the books barcode under the scanner’s red beam. A clicking noise symbolizes that the process is complete.

At this point, students can either check out more books or finish their transactions.
When finished, the station will print out a receipt with a due date stamped on it.

“Make sure you take your receipt that has the printed date on it because this is the only record of when the book is due,” Strife said.

If a student has a library fine, the system will direct them to the Access Services desk to clear the matter before the student is allowed to check out the book.

The new systems are located to the right of the library’s circulation desk and are set off by themselves.

The Health Sciences Library, which will open in January of 2007, will also have a self check system installed.

For more information on the new self check system visit the Downtown Library Complex.

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