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Fun Summer Film Course in the Downtown Library

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April 24th, 2007

Wanted: WVU students who love movies, like online courses, and are spending part of their summer in Morgantown.

We have the class for you.

There’s a new course called Film and Media Literacy (ULIB493 CRN50964) taught online and in the Downtown Campus Library. The course is an eCampus course and does not meet in a classroom. Students watch films independently in the private viewing rooms in the Media Services Department of the Downtown Campus Library. These rooms have 42” plasma screens and high quality sound systems to deliver an optimal atmosphere for viewing films.

This summer is only the second time the course is being offered. Here are some quotes from students that took the course last fall:

“This was also one of my first web classes and I felt it was better than other web classes I have taken this semester.”

“I really enjoyed this course and would like to take more classes like this.”

“This was my favorite class throughout all of college.”

The entire class will watch one movie from four different genres: Blaxploitation, Slasher, Gangster, and Westerns. Movies include the gangster classic The Godfather Part II (1974) and the grandmother of slasher films, Psycho (1960). You select two of the fours genres to focus on and watch five more films that capture the development of those genres. Finally, you will research and choose a film from lists in your selected genres to critique for your final assignment. You will also study media literacy, film criticism and vocabulary, and film databases.

For more information visit the course web page at

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