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Changes Being Made at Libraries

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
June 20th, 2007

The Daily Athenaeum, June 20, 2007 

By Tricia Fulks, Staff Writer

Student Government representatives met with Dean of Libraries Frances O’Brien on June 15 to discuss improvements to campus libraries.

Leslie Saunders, SGA governor, said in an e-mail interview that since the meeting the SGA has sent a formal request for the libraries to stay open 24 hours during the last two weeks of the semester.

“I think this is a monumental step toward the advancement of student academic performances at West Virginia University,” Saunders said in the interview.

She also said within the next few months, she and other SGA members will be meeting with different University officials to talk about safety during the extended hours, staff and employees for the late-night shifts, and even to discuss the possibility of Eliza’s coffee shop staying open 24 hours along with the library.

“Statistics show that we need these hours. Grades show that we need these hours,” Saunders said in the interview. “Student voices have risen requesting these hours.”

There is also a new circulation policy that is considered to be a big change at the libraries.

Hilary Fredette, interim head of Access Services, said the new policy will begin July 1. She said students will have 30 days after the due date to renew their book with no penalty. She said three overdue notices will be sent through the MIX system warning individuals. She said you can go online to renew the book and be fee-free.

Fredette said after 30 days, the library will consider the book lost.

A bill will then be sent to the student with a book replacement fee and a $10 processing, non-refundable fee. At that point, Fredette said, the replacement fee can be canceled if the student brings in the book.

“Instead of collecting daily fines on overdue books, you’ll receive a series of notices,” O’Brien said. “Essentially we want our books back. We’re not interested in fees.”

Fredette said with the longer period of time to respond, students should be able to renew the book without a fine. “We’re really just trying to get a policy that’s easier for students.”

Fredette said it is crucial for students to check their MIX accounts when the new policy is in place.

Fredette said the University is really beginning to rely on the MIX system.

“If they don’t check their MIX accounts, they won’t get our notices,” she said.

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