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Two Students Earn iPods through Web Site Contest

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
February 13th, 2008

Using the WVU Libraries’ Web site resulted in more than just finding a book or an electronic journal for two students.

Nalisa Robinson, an exercise physiology sophomore, and Emily Corio, a journalism graduate student, each netted a Red iPod Nano for their efforts. They were among 230 students, staff, and faculty who participated in an information scavenger hunt the Libraries hosted in conjunction with the launch of their revamped Web site.

ipod winners
Pictured are Associate Dean Myra Lowe, students Nalisa Robinson and Emily Corio, and Web Service Librarian Beth Toren.

Contest participants were required to use the Web site and the Libraries’ online resources to answer five questions. Names of those with correct responses were included in the drawing.

One task was to name two electronic journals about Earth and Environmental Sciences. Another was to chat online with a librarian. Many students were pleased to learn that they could get instant help from a real person through the Ask-a-Librarian page.

“I thought the instant messaging with a reference library was very neat. I can see how that would be very helpful for students,” Corio said.

That service is offered from 2-9 p.m. Sunday, 9 a.m.-midnight Monday-Thursday, and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday. It can be accessed from the Libraries’ home page by clicking on the “Ask-a-Librarian” icon or directly at

“I thought that the contest was a real creative way to get people to start using the Web site,” Robinson said.

The redesigned page, which looks cleaner and easier to read than the old site, is the handiwork the Libraries’ Web Team. Visual Arts student Andrew Carnill and Division of Arts professor Eve Faulkes used the team’s plans to design the graphics for the page.

The new site includes the Virtual Reference live chat service “Ask-a-Librarian”; E-Z Search, a Google-like search engine that searches Library resources; the current day’s library hours; Eliza’s Coffee Shop hours, menus, and prices; centralized library computing information; faculty information; and prominent links to find books, articles, and popular services.

Beth Toren, web services librarian, received many comments about how easy it was to use the new site to find the answers and that students liked the new graphics.

“We’re very pleased to hear such positive feedback from the university community,” Toren said. “Our goal is to provide a quick and easy-to-use site, and we strive to be user-friendly.”

To visit the new pages, go to

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