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Evansdale Reopening for Fall Semester

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
August 14th, 2009

Some students might find studying more enjoyable this fall thanks to a summer makeover at the Evansdale Library.

A renovation project is transforming the library’s dated main floor into an aesthetically pleasing space more conducive to studying, doing research, and collaborating on group projects.

“Once the renovation is complete, the Evansdale Campus will have a bright and open library that is equipped with great resources,” said Mary Strife, Director of the Evansdale Library. “Students will want to spend time here focusing on their work or relaxing between classes.”

The Evansdale Library will welcome back students on the first day of class, but it may be a few weeks before everything is done. Computer stations and study carrels won’t arrive until the end of the first week, and a large desk to house reference and circulations services is scheduled for installation in September.

In the interim, the Libraries expect any inconveniences to be minor. Computers will be available in the classroom on the main floor and at carrels on the second floor and lower level. Students can also check out laptops or bring in their own and use the wireless network.

On the first day of class, students can anticipate being able to use all other features of the updated Evansdale Library, which boasts multiple study options.

Near the rear windows, a flexible study area will allow students to easily move tables, chairs, and whiteboards to accommodate group projects. Two new study rooms will also be available.

A leisure reading area with lounge seating will offer a quiet corner to study or read for pleasure, and the former microfilm room will house a relaxing lounge with upscale vending machines, and café seating. Both spaces will eventually have video screens that can stream CNN or WVU’s Information Station.

And finding help will be quicker and easier for users because a new desk will centralize circulation, reference, and technical services in one location.

Once they arrive, the new computer stations, with carrel walls for privacy, will replace the old arrangement of machines. Across the room, clusters of study and computer carrels will reside where a large block of shelves once stood.

Tying everything together are new carpeting, gold and blue floor tile, wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint, and a Flying WV carpet inlay near the entrance. Designers received input from students to select the colors, furniture, and the floor’s layout.

“We listened to students and created a space that they wanted,” said Strife. “We are looking forward to seeing students using the library and making it their own.”

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