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Improved eReserve Services Launched

Posted by Admin.
August 25th, 2010

The Reserve section of Access Services is pleased to introduce new software for processing and delivering eReserve and Reserve materials. While we believe that the new software is faster and easier to use, faculty should notice only minor differences – mainly a change in password log in procedure.

Benefits to faculty:
• Won’t have to provide password/logon information to students – so you don’t have to wait until passwords are issued to finalize a syllabus
• Items can be placed on reserve for a limited time using a time-based system, i.e., if you want sample tests made available to the class from 10/1-10/15, you can tell us that whenever you submit the materials and we can set the calendar so that they are only available during the specified time. You do not need to wait to provide them just prior to the allotted time.
• Should no longer have students contacting you for forgotten passwords
• Please note: submitting materials for eReserves/Reserves has not changed. Use the same form(s), which have been slightly updated, and submit as before. The forms now ask you to provide the CRN and section numbers for each class being added to reserve.

Benefits to students:
• Can log into their reserve materials with the standard library logon (username = Mix logon; password = 2-digit DAY of birth and last 4 numbers of their WVU ID#)
• Will not have to remember a password and logon for each class
• Won’t have to contact faculty to get forgotten passwords
• Every class for which they have reserve materials will be listed when they log on into one place

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