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Evansdale Library Hosts Altered/Manipulated Book Exhibit

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
April 13th, 2015

By Beth Royall, Creative Arts Librarian, Evansdale Library

altered books

Evansdale Library welcomes an exhibit of altered and manipulated books created by students in Assistant Professor Dylan Collins’s Art 212, a multimedia course in the School of Art and Design.

For this project, students focused on altering or manipulating a book or series of books in order to create new meaning from an existing text. Some of these artworks take pleasure in animating the timeless stories contained within the pages of a beloved tome, while other pieces use books as building blocks that can be shaped to fit a student’s conceptual idea.

In all cases, students paid careful attention to the way their artworks were made, focusing on issues of craft, technique, and material. The exhibit is located on the main and 2nd floors, and will be up through May 10th.


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