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Downtown Campus Library adds ‘easy button’ for recording presentations

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
November 12th, 2015


The Downtown Campus Library has added software that streamlines the process of recording a video in its Presentation Practice Room.

One Button Studio is a simplified video recording system that requires no production experience or training. All you need is a reservation and a flash drive. The One Button Studio monitor guides you through the process:

  1. Insert a thumb drive
  2. Push the start button
  3. Following a five-second countdown, begin presenting.

When you’re done, hit the stop button and wait a few seconds for the video file to finish before removing the flash drive.

The room also has a computer and screen allowing users to incorporate a PowerPoint slideshow.

One Button Studio enables students – either as groups or individuals – to easily practice their oral presentation and interview skills, and then review their work. It’s ideal for preparing for class or conference presentations, panel discussions, or thesis and dissertation defenses. Teaching assistants can use it to improve their lecture skills.

The Presentation Practice Room is located on the first floor of the Downtown Campus Library in Room 1036. To reserve the room, visit the Libraries’ website.


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