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New agreement for the Libraries will mean a better research experience for users

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
November 18th, 2015

Behind the scene changes in how West Virginia University Libraries manages resources will translate to a better search experience and fewer headaches for library users.

WVU Libraries has signed an agreement for OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS), a cloud-based library management system, to administer its entire lineup of books, journals and electronic resources.

WorldShare Management Services (WMS) is a complete, cloud-based library management system that offers all the applications needed to manage a library, including Acquisitions, Circulation, Metadata, Resource Sharing, License Management and a single-search Discovery interface to connect library users to the information they need. WMS also includes a range of Reports based on local data that help libraries understand their activities and track key metrics over time.

“My priority has been to move WVU Libraries to a next generation library system,” Dean of WVU Libraries Jon E. Cawthorne said. “I am impressed with everything I have learned about WorldShare Management Services, and I am excited about the growth potential. I am grateful that the entire University community and the regional institutions will benefit from the Libraries partnering with OCLC.”

Currently, the Libraries use multiple systems to manage various types of resources and that requires moving data from one system to another system to provide search results. Users sometimes encounter problems because of the integration between the different systems. For example, search results could include a broken link to an online resource.

WMS will eliminate many of those issues because it provides applications specifically designed to handle each of the Libraries’ various collections and will bring everything under one integrated system.

“WVU Libraries is committed to bringing together the collections of the libraries around campus and throughout the state into one, unified system to promote effective, more efficient research and resource sharing,” said Andrew K. Pace, Executive Director,OCLC Networked Library Services. “With the implementation of WorldShare Management Services, WVU Libraries will be able to offer equal, integrated access to a wide variety of resources for all affiliated libraries and their users.”

In addition, the cloud-based management system will reduce costs of dedicated servers, software upgrades, and maintenance. Also, it will simplify the behind-the-scenes work by library employees and allow staff to redirect their time to enhancing our resources and adding digital collections.

“We will become much more efficient through the networked service,” Cawthorne said. “We’re excited we’ll be able to concentrate on digitizing special collections.”

Joining WVU Libraries in the migration are libraries at Potomac State College and WVUInstitute of Technology. Because West Virginia Northern Community College and West Liberty University are in an agreement to share Voyager, the Libraries’ current system, they have also decided to migrate to WMS.

For more information about WMS, visit the OCLC website.


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