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Beth Royall named WVU Outstanding Librarian for 2016

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
April 8th, 2016
Beth Royall

Beth Royall

The Awards Committee of the West Virginia University Library Faculty Assembly has selected Beth Royall, creative arts librarian, as the Outstanding Librarian for 2016.

The award, presented triennially, recognizes a faculty librarian who has made exceptional contributions toward the delivery, development or expansion of library services or special programs for the constituencies of WVU.

“Beth has a long-standing reputation among her colleagues as a librarian who works hard and is excellent at every task she takes on. She provides excellent service to not just the faculty but to every student she encounters,” said Linda Blake, chair of the Library Faculty Assembly Awards Committee. “It is our great honor to recognize Beth for her talent, creativity and diligence as the creative arts librarian and her wider contribution to the WVU Libraries.”

Royall has been with the Evansdale Library since August 2001, serving the faculty and students of the College of Creative Arts with distinction. She managed interlibrary loan and document delivery services for Evansdale Library from 2002-15. She has developed significant and sustained relationships with the faculty of the schools of Art & Design, Music, and Theatre & Dance.

Her nomination packet clearly indicates the respect she has earned among the College of Creative Arts faculty.

Rhonda Reymond, associate professor of art history and coordinator for Graduate Studies in Art History, called Royall both an instigator and partner in all of their scholarly efforts.

“Working collaboratively can be challenging but Beth’s organizational skills, knowledge of the field, and strong work ethic made the process efficient, interesting and rewarding,” Reymond wrote.

Some of Royall’s most noteworthy contributions include merging the music collection into the Evansdale Library, developing modules of instruction across the curricula of each school, participating in two information literacy grants, co-teaching MUSC 771, and implementing and supporting the Art History Digital Image Database.

Professor Janet Snyder, coordinator of Art History, wrote that Royall’s “professional presence has fostered a dynamic, positive learning environment in the areas of collections development, teaching, research and the supervision of the Digital Image Database.”

Faculty members from throughout the College of Creative Arts commended Royall for her active participation in student instruction, her expansion of electronic and traditional resources for learning and research and her involvement in all aspects of the college.

“Beth, whether explicitly or not, is an integral part of the producing chain, from having scripts on hand to train actors and designers, or to provide possibilities to the Play Selection Committee, to providing resources for research in costume or set design for a particular show, or material to build out audience outreach in the program or lobby displays,” said Jay Malarcher, associate professor and dramaturg.

Professor Bernard Schultz, former College of Creative Arts dean and currently director of Education and External Affairs of the Art Museum of WVU, wrote in his support letter, “Beth Royall is, simply put, one of the treasures of our University.”

Evan MacCarthy, assistant professor of musicology and co-instructor for MUSC 771wrote, “Ms. Royall’s unflagging dedication to the Evansdale Library and to the College of Creative Arts is a rare gift that deserves special recognition.”

In addition to her outstanding contributions to the University, Royall has held leadership roles in the West Virginia Library Association, serving as president in 2014, vice president in 2013, and as treasurer for many years. She is also a long-time member of the Music Library Association.

The Libraries will hold a reception to honor Royall at 2 p.m. April 29 in room 234 of the Evansdale Library.


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