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Harvest Time: A Gathering of Historical Photographs

Posted by Jane Metters LaBarbara.
October 24th, 2016

Blog post by Michael Ridderbusch, Associate Curator, WVRHC.


October is the primary season of harvest.  The photograph collection at the West Virginia and Regional History Center includes many historical images that document this seasonal activity around the state.


Men and women in a field of rows of small shrubs, harvesting something

Harvesting a field in Monongalia County, undated.
(Photo 041729 from West Virginia History OnView.) 

 Large wheat field with people harvesting and tying up bundles of wheat

Wheat harvesting in Barbour County, ca. 1901.
(Photo 012276 from West Virginia History OnView; image from
“Grant’s West Virginia Illustrated.”)

Large group standing at train station with crates of fruit

Fruit harvest waiting for pick up at Romney train station, Hampshire County,
1910. (Photo 012750 from West Virginia History OnView.)

Group of people picking apples

Picking apples on Clohan Orchard, Morgan County, extension service
of the WVU School of Agriculture, 1909.
(Photo 048324 from West Virginia History OnView.)


The following three photographs are from the James Edwin Green collection, A&M 3460, showing a family farm.


People in a wheat field tying up wheat bundles to put on horse-drawn cart

Grain binder in operation with Ray Green and another shocking wheat,
Orchard View Farm, Pleasants County, ca. 1905-1909.
(Photo 046579 from West Virginia History OnView.)

Men in a field harvesting wheat

Harvesting wheat on T.J. Taylor’s farm, Orchard View Farm, St. Mary’s,
West Virginia, Pleasants County, ca. 1905-1909.
(Photo 046705 from West Virginia History OnView.)

Back porch of a home with 8 family members sitting for a group portrait

Back porch of home on Orchard View Farm, Pleasants County, W. Va.,
ca. 1
905-1909 (Photo 046581 from West Virginia History OnView.)



The photograph collection at the History Center can be explored topically, as demonstrated here, for specific research purposes, or even for satisfying personal curiosity.  Just go to the History OnView page and try out the search engine to see what you may discover!



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For more about the Green collection, see:
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